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  close your eyes. what do you feel tiny thousand molecules, banging to your chest pushing, falling apart, leaving behind seemingly emptiness.   full of resistance standing. stopped in motion barely believing but still having hopes. I trust you. And even though you’re trying…

February 19, 2017
diary words

a thousand silhouettes

  Any new beginning comes with a flare. When you move to another place, flashes of excitement, discovering a brand new world that you’ve never seen before. Beauty in the tiniest detail of a building or when the sun shines through and makes everything feel…

December 15, 2016


  I’ve been going through some folders on my laptop and found this snippet. Listenning to some Radical Face is well recommended to pair it up with… Altough, it can look a bit melancholic sometimes, everything’s fine I promise. I did have some nostalgic moments, revisited long supressed memories but…

September 20, 2016


  how can I tell you that. my mind is creating my future already all lovely and bright and I’m sad because my heart still feels like holding on, to things all gone.. However, I still try, to let go. because holding on holds…

September 19, 2016

home of distress

  words are just words, and I’m not keen on talking maybe it’s me, but I prefer showing All my head and heart capable of.. ..doing something great – without that, please fuck off. it was enough the people living in their madness giving…

September 12, 2016