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january favourites | 2017

February 5, 2017


  • dr bronner’s castille soap

/ good for everything, great value for money, last a long time, handy for traveling

I mostly use it as a shower gel, shampoo, hand and face wash but it’s good for so many things. When I am at home I even use it as a washing up liquid, veggie wash, surface cleaner and for mopping the floor, too. It’s great, especially for an on-the-go, traveling a lot lifestyle since it’s very diverse. This month I’ve been using Lavender but Rose and Citrus is very nice, too


  • almighty foods, cashew caramello

/ the food of gods. seriously. It taste like heaven

Nothing much more to add. It is divine. By the spoon, topping a smoothie bowl, pairing with apples and grapes. So good. (@almighty_foods)

  • Juice Warrior 

/ Scotland’s 1st certified organic juicery. Everything’s delicious. Highly recommend visiting

I love this place. They have gorgeous smoothiebowls, fancy cold-pressed juices in glass bottles(!!), raw vegan snack pots and pretty cakes. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some homemade coconut yogurt as well. Two of my favourites are the chocolate smoothiebowl and chocolate-orange chaga probiotic cake. (@juicewarrior)

  • Kombucha

/ the healthy booze. Probiotic rich, yummy and so good for you

Kombucha is a tea based fermented drink which I often refer to as my kind of booze..! I prefer kombucha made out of different kind of green teas and I’m always trying to look for local, homamade and organic so I was very happy when I dicovered Left Field Kombucha in Edinburgh (@leftfieldbuch) which now is also available in Juice Warrior from the tap.


  • Bella Vita

/ Roots. Italy. Beautiful places. Surfing.

I just love it so much. It warms the heart, it gives a hug and fills up your inspiration levels. A documentary with beautiful aesthetic, surfing vibes, gorgeous Tuscany, sharing love with friends and learing about amazing people, art and finding home.

  • Full out

/ light-hearted, visually pleasing, gymnastics fun

I did go a little bit full out on sports movies this month but they are just great. This one is a bit chicflicky but it has so much love put into it. Just shines through the actors and actresses. It’s fun to watch, it has great visuals and I feel like it makes an inspiring effect, too.

more sports movies: Eddie the Eagle, Out in the line-up, snowboarding movies


/ a great mixture of everything

which I guess is accurate considering the month was a mixture of everything, too

  • Piano soundtracks 

/ rewind, calm and productive

especially Arriety’s Song from The Secret World of Arriety and Kago No Kana from Mushishi

  • City of Stars from La La Land 

/ beautiful 

I haven’t seen the film yet but that song…

  • Crystal Fighters – Everything Is My Family (album)

/ a light-hearted flow

I listened to it while I was practicing poi and wondered how I haven’t heard it before. It has a nice flow to practice circus skill to. Which leads us to our next category:


  • poi
  • juggling

/ in the zone, good fun, relaxing

I love circus skills. They are good fun to learn and practice

  • slackline

/ meditative, balancing in every way, great for strength and toning

One day I walked to the Meadows and there were people setting up slacklines between the trees. I got very excited and asked them if I could try. I did and it’s so amazing. Must practice more! On my visit back to BP at the end of the month I had to chance to attend a slackline training session (every Tuesday at Veres Pálné Gimnázium) check them out if you’re ever around and interested.


So these were the goods I’ve been enjoying this January. x



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