September 20, 2016


I’ve been going through some folders on my laptop and found this snippet. Listenning to some Radical Face is well recommended to pair it up with… Altough, it can look a bit melancholic sometimes, everything’s fine I promise. I did have some nostalgic moments, revisited long supressed memories but only to feel them, thank them and let go of them eventually with love and grace. There are so many greater things coming this way! Happy Tuesday wonderful people 💛 it’s almost christmas anyway… 🎄❤️


Breath taking moments come out of the blue

loneliest human, this love is here to stay

perfectly wounded, beautiful soul

i know you’re scared to say


that easy, to tease me, now, be free

– stay with me, it’s fun

all what we’ve done and could’ve become

that’s gone,


Now is now, and now forever

walking on distant paths from each other

Taking each breath, uplifting our chest full of desire

and hope. and love.



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