let’s do them finals!

March 18, 2016

This school year went, honestly, so fast. I’m almost a graduate, even though, not long ago it didn’t even seemed like I would finish it at all. I’m glad I traveled before deciding on wether or not I’d like to jump head forward into my last year of studies. Everything has so much more intellectual and emotional value after having these adventureous life experiences and a little taste of the world. I’m happy about it all and happy doing my finals now.

Playlist for studying / daydreaming:

  1. Helen Jane Long – To Dust ►♫
  2. Danny Elfman – Alice’s theme ►♫
  3. Dustin O’Halloran – We Move Lightly ►♫
  4. The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds & Transformation ►♫
  5. Fired Earth Music – Phantasm (Jesper Kyd) ►♫
  6. Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer OST – Overture ►♫
  7. Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer OST – Alle für einen ►♫
  8. Hans Zimmer – Up is Down (Pirates of The Caribbean 3) ►♫
  9. Narnia Soundtrack – Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Henry Gregson-Williams) ►♫
  10. How to Train Your Dragon – Forbidden Friendship (John Powell) ►♫
  11. Treasure Planet OST – 12 years later (James Newton Howard) ►♫
  12. Danny Elfman – Black Beauty ►♫
  13. Star Wars II. – Across the Stars (John Williams) ►♫
  14. Star Wars VII. – The Force Theme (John Williams) ►♫

Best of goods to every one having their exams, soon!
You’re gonna be great! 😉
loves. Elly x

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