finding home

February 8, 2016

_As the air turned more for Spring, not even close to the middle of February and the sun was out most of the day.. The wind was chilly, even wearing my beloved beanie, I felt something I haven’t in a while… today, I felt homesick. Standing on the land I was born in, my heart was longing elsewhere, and the memories of green fields filled my head, I’ll fly straight to the ocean tonight, as soon as I go to bed.


  1. Roo Panes – Land of the Living ►♫
  2. Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise ►♫
  3. Radical Face – Always Gold ►♫
  4. Roo Panes – Indigo Home ►♫
  5. Radical Face – Holy Branches ►♫
  6. Gabrielle Aplin – Home ►♫
  7. Seafret – Atlantis ►♫
  8. Gabrielle Aplin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me ►♫
  9. Nevershoutnever – coffee and cigarettes ►♫
  10. Seafret- Wildfire ►♫
  11. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago ►♫

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